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Stop The Press! Dad of 4 Voices His Opinion On Feeding!!!!

For God Sake Jamie, look at the furore you have started!!!

I have sat back all week (mainly on my hands) and seen friend after friend post slamming views on Jamie Oliver and his breastfeeding campaign.

Should I comment? I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire but I feel like as I started my blog to express myself and talk about things I’m passionate about then yes I have to get involved.


I know that there are a select group of women that do push their feeding opinions on others and seek to do nothing other than to make other mums feel like shit. They are in the minority.

This behaviour is not helpful or mindful.

We are all just doing our best. I turned to formula after 6 weeks with my first born for reasons that Jamie Oliver mentioned. I was misinformed and had no support.

I think he lit the fuse by saying that Breastfeeding was ‘easy’.

It isn’t.

It gets easier but unless you have sat there looking at nipples that resemble a cartoon shotgun then you can’t ever say it is easy.

It’s a commitment and takes perseverance…..It gets easier with time. To get to the easy part, there needs to be a consistent network in place. Why would any mum deny another mum that?

Jamie Oliver was merely stating that breastfeeding rates in Britain are shocking (0.5% continue after 6 weeks as opposed to 97% in poverty stricken countries) and that more support should be made available for women that DECIDE to breastfeed.

‘I wasn’t able to breastfeed’ I’ve read. This can be the case!

There are 2% of women that are unable to do so. There is also a lot of misinformation online. There are women that think they can’t but their issues can be rectified with some help – why would this help not be a good thing?

We read time and time again in Facebook support groups about concern for low supply. Am I producing enough? With the correct support and the right information, women will know that an unsettled baby does not mean that you are not producing enough milk, it is NORMAL for a baby to wake several times in the night.

We are all tired – however we feed!!

In these instances, support is needed and why would any of us as mothers not agree that support in the latter stages of pregnancy and those first six weeks is vital?

Why are we once again drawing that line in the sand and treating each other like the enemy?

If you made the choice not to breastfeed then good for you! OWN THAT CHOICE! Posting defensive tirades only looks like you aren’t happy with the choice that you made. Nowhere did anyone suggest that to decide to formula feed makes you a terrible mother. The conflict is coming from within.

I’m sorry that some breastfeeding mums have judged you. The majority don’t.

Is it not good to highlight these issues so that pregnant women can make informed choices and know that whatever they decide there will be help along the way?

‘How can a man talk about an mums issues?’

Really? Is this how we are now? Unless you have a vagina you can’t take an interest in how children are raised and nourished?

When I decided to breastfeed this time I thought I might face some obstacles with regards to societies reluctance to see it as the norm, but I have unfortunately felt like the criticism is coming from mums on the ‘other side’. Every time a friend posts something dismissing breastfeeding as beneficial or even normal, it undermines the choices that I made for my child and why the hell should that be the case?

Formula has it’s place, no one denies that it’s just also sad that we as women in Britain seem to have lost some confidence in nourishing our babies the biological way. If that confidence was built from pregnancy, this might not be the case.

I’ll bet Jamie is still hiding behind his couch at home, wishing he had kept his mouth shut. Earlier this week he was forced to clarify his position.

“I understand that breastfeeding is often not easy and in some cases not even possible,” he wrote on Twitter.

“But just wanted to support women who do want to breastfeed and make it easier for them to do so.”

I think he made a pukka point.


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    Zoe Bailey
    Posted at 15:23h, 22 March Reply

    I wasn’t even given the option to breastfeed with Xander so was determined I was having a natural birth with Erin so I could make the decision xx

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    This Mum Business
    Posted at 15:38h, 22 March Reply

    Exactly Zoe, this is my point. It just highlights the need for the mum to be given the opportunity and advice. If he plays his campaign right it will be aimed at supporting those that decide to give it a go xx

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