A Glorious Discharge & Crayons For Lunch

Today was Esmé’s 1 year review at Manchester Genetics.

Following the return of her results, we agreed a review as she turned one. This would give Kay, the geneticist that we see, a change to observe, weigh and measure her.

After a quick coffee stop on Wigan (during which Esmé shouted ‘dada’ at a Gerard Depardieu lookalike causing much laughter and lip licking from the big man himself) we boarded the train to one of my favourite places ever.

Manchester to me will always be synonymous with my carefree days as a career girl and general wildling.

Despite having to sit on the floor all the way there (seriously mums, drill some manners into your little men before they become blind eye turners to those more needy than them. I’m not entitled to a seat but you would think that good manners would prevail) the 25 minute journey sped by.

After arriving at St Mary’s Esmé had a grand old play in the waiting room, even doing some more walking. I hoped and prayed she would ‘perform’ for Kay like this and she could see how she has not only hit but also exceeded certain milestones.

Esmé weighed in at almost one year old, 14lb 2oz. Bang on that bottom centile that she has travelled on beautifully since making her entrance in the world.

Kay agreed that besides looking a little different (and by that I must stress I think she is BEAUTIFUL she just looks more like a toddler than a baby), her facial asymmetry actually means nothing.

Aside from being small she is perfect.

Besides a phone call in 12 months we don’t need to return to the genetics team. We can close this chapter and start a new one.

Whilst she will still undergo endocrinology testing, the more serious of the potential diagnoses have been ruled out.

Esmé stole a toy from the waiting room.

I forgive her.

I will post it back but I thought it is some recompense for being photographed and measured like she is some forensic evidence.

We celebrated with a very very cheeky Nandos.


Esmé ate some crayons. I look forward to the technicolor consequences and am delighted that my daughter will be crapping rainbows.

I’ve made some huge decisions recently.

I won’t be returning to my main business as I always planned to. I’m allowing myself to be bought out. I have no room left in my heart for it.

My babies take up all the space and if I have to take a minimum wage job to afford me more time with them then so be it.

I left my ego on the steps of St Mary’s today.

I’m not ready to leave my rainbow pooping toy stealing zombie walking miracle just yet.

I should have been enjoying Esme from day one.

I have plans for a venture that will suit this time together.

Do I have ‘The Fear’? Absolutely! Will I start selling Younique or Forever Living? Will I balls!!! I’m going to make my own way.

A wise lady said to me recently when I pointed out that I’m not a great business woman:

“but you are a great entrepreneur”

Like the last time I will use the fire in my belly that is being with my beautiful girls to become a success.

You can’t put a price on time.


JD xx

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  • Janette N Chris
    Posted at 19:29h, 27 April Reply

    Tears of joy and laughter. You have two beautiful girls who are and will always be a credit to you. Love you lady xx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 19:30h, 27 April Reply

      Thank you Janette N Chris! Back at you ❤️❤️❤️ xxx

    • Janette N Chris
      Posted at 19:31h, 27 April Reply
  • Joan Danner
    Posted at 19:34h, 27 April Reply

    Great news. Our Tinks is a lovely, dainty little dot who will blossom at her own pace ? xxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 19:35h, 27 April Reply

      Indeed Nanna Danner xxx

  • Gemma Louise
    Posted at 19:35h, 27 April Reply

    Fantastic news! No rainbow nappie pictures ?? xxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 19:35h, 27 April Reply

      You’re first on my list for one! Then Anne Noone! X

    • Gemma Louise
      Posted at 19:36h, 27 April Reply

      ??? xxx

  • Jo White
    Posted at 19:41h, 27 April Reply

    Love your blogs and this was great to read! X

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 19:49h, 27 April Reply

      Thanks for reading Jo xxxx

  • Judith
    Posted at 19:41h, 27 April Reply

    Amazing news and so proud of your decision being a mum isn’t easy as I well know , and making decisions that make you happy can leave the element of guilt or have I done this right. Don’t ever give up being the wonderful person you are and never feel guilty for a past decision as it was what was right at the time for you. I wish you all the love in the world and please don’t stop blogging it makes some of my dark days very bright xxx

    • Jodie Danner
      Jodie Danner
      Posted at 19:46h, 27 April Reply

      That is such a lovely post Judith, thank you so much xxxxxxx

  • Lisa Flynn
    Posted at 19:54h, 27 April Reply

    I read this blog with a tear in my eye and huge smile on my face, both in happiness for one of the loveliest families I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with.
    Esmè is a beautiful, amazing little girl who will grow up to be a little super star like Niamh.
    You all deserve nothing but happiness.
    I admire your decision to sell up and become a full time mummy, this take guts and more mums should do it! Our babies don’t stay babies for long and before we know it there 6 years old shouting and screaming at us like teenagers ?
    Much love to you all x

  • Jane Johnson
    Posted at 19:55h, 27 April Reply

    This is my favourite one so far!! Xxxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 19:57h, 27 April Reply

      Aww thank you my dear! That means a lot! Xxxx

  • This Mum Business
    Posted at 19:56h, 27 April Reply

    Thanks so much Lisa!!!! Lovely words, I’ve no chance of being full time mummy but will choose my hours to suit them from now. I love working I really do I’m just ‘realigning’ and getting that passion back. Lots of love xxxxx

  • Jane Salter
    Posted at 20:00h, 27 April Reply

    Fab news Jodes ! What a little trooper she is that Esme ! Wonder who she gets it from eh xxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 20:02h, 27 April Reply

      Her grandad ????????? xxx

    • Jane Salter
      Posted at 20:02h, 27 April Reply

      Oh my ??????

  • Christy Mouskoundi
    Posted at 20:03h, 27 April Reply

    Absolutly love your blogs but this one sit in my heart. What amazing news… Such an inspiration you are Jodie Huni and that shows in your beautiful girls. Xxxxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 20:05h, 27 April Reply

      Thank you Christy! Time will tell if I’m a genius or a lunatic ???? xx

    • Christy Mouskoundi
      Posted at 20:06h, 27 April Reply

      This Mum Business only a genius my love xxxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 20:06h, 27 April Reply

      I hope you’re right ??? cxx

  • Cath Jones
    Posted at 20:22h, 27 April Reply

    Absolutely spot on! So pleased everything went well today. Erm.. Esme is a toddler now and looks just perfect! ? Fun times ahead! !! Xxxx

  • This Mum Business
    Posted at 20:25h, 27 April Reply

    Gosh yes so she is! ??? Thanks Cath xxx

  • Caroline Welsby
    Posted at 20:28h, 27 April Reply

    Younique or forever living. Funny as!! ?? fab blog. Hugs to Esme x

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 20:29h, 27 April Reply

      Didn’t you know?! You can make a million a week! ??? Thanks Caroline xxx

    • Caroline Welsby
      Posted at 20:41h, 27 April Reply

      it mustn’t work because half the ppl I know that sell it have regular Botox too ?xx

  • This Mum Business
    Posted at 20:41h, 27 April Reply

    Ha ha!!! Well now I just feel lied to ?? xxx

  • Kelly Harris
    Posted at 21:08h, 27 April Reply


  • Niaome Grady
    Posted at 21:10h, 27 April Reply

    Fabulous, hilarious and heartwarming as always! Xxx

  • Lauren Whyte
    Posted at 21:30h, 27 April Reply

    Wonderful news! So happy for you all love and luck in coming ventures ? xx

  • This Mum Business
    Posted at 21:37h, 27 April Reply

    Thanks Ladies! ❤️❤️ xx

  • Denise Inwood Sweeney
    Posted at 22:11h, 27 April Reply

    Fantastic news – onwards and upwards Danners xxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 22:13h, 27 April Reply

      Indeedy Mrs Sweeney ?❤️ xxx

  • Lynn
    Posted at 22:11h, 27 April Reply

    Brave, clever, lovely lady xxx

  • Mary Robinson
    Posted at 22:27h, 27 April Reply

    I love your little stories, and they don’t make diamonds like bricks. Good Luck with your adventures with your beautiful small but perfect little girly. xxxxxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 22:38h, 27 April Reply

      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment Mary ❤️ Jodie xx

  • Kirsty Fearick
    Posted at 22:38h, 27 April Reply

    Wonderful news about Esme…good luck in whatever you choose to do xxx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 22:39h, 27 April Reply

      Thanks Kirsty xxx

  • Laura Hodgson
    Posted at 17:02h, 29 April Reply

    Fab blog and amazing news about Esmè❤️❤️… P.S. I’m totally jealous of Esme’s little pigtails!! the best I can get in Ava’s hair is a Rhino horn on top of her head ? xx

  • This Mum Business
    Posted at 17:03h, 29 April Reply

    Laura Hodgson! ??? how the devil are you? Xxxx

    • Laura Hodgson
      Posted at 17:19h, 29 April Reply

      I’m good thank you lovely ?. Hope you and your little family are all good? xx

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 17:26h, 29 April Reply

      We are tip top lovely! Can’t believe Esmé is one tomorrow! How was your holiday? Xxx

    • Laura Hodgson
      Posted at 18:58h, 29 April Reply

      Wow that’s gone quick!! Are you doing anything for it?? It’s was perfect, much needed??☀️ x

    • This Mum Business
      Posted at 20:08h, 29 April Reply

      Just taking her round houses collecting gifts ?? I’ll bet it was, I need some sun soooo bad xx

  • Mandi Houghton
    Posted at 18:36h, 21 July Reply

    Great news tinkerbell

  • Susie L Johnson
    Posted at 07:20h, 22 July Reply

    Your blogs make me cry and smile x

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