Things I Learned This Summer Holiday

Can you believe there is just one week left?! We made it!! Here are a few lessons learned during these past 6 weeks.

There will always be parents that refuse to admit that the holidays can be anything other than delightful.

You can smell the smugness as they write “I personally LOVE everything about the summer holidays! 6 WHOLE WEEKS with my AMAZING children. I don’t know why people say it’s hard work!”.

Even the most organized and patient parents have moments, even days, where we lose our shizzle. Finding consistent entertainment for two kids with a five year age gap is no walk in the park.


Speaking of walks in the park. We have had plenty of them. If, like me, you blew your entire budget in the first weeks (f%^k you Build a Bloody Bear), then the park is your go-to freebie.

This leads me into…..Money.

They enjoy activities that cost nothing or little as much as being bought expensive toys. You may have seen my post about the £1 sewing kit that kept her occupied for a good couple of days.



I am not usually a routine advocate. Besides Niamh’s bedtime and wake up call, not much in my house goes according to a schedule.

Esme falls asleep on me then sleeps with me (I’m unapologetic for this – Niamh only left my bed when I was hugely pregnant and I LOVE to co-sleep – to each their own)

I have however managed to get a good thing going in terms of making sure both of them are up and dressed nice and early.

Last summer was HORRENDOUS. Niamh was up late and sleeping late and it took forever to get that sleep routing back when she was at school.



I’ve found that making time to spend with Niamh has been beneficial all round. She loved to have me all to herself again and I really feel like we reconnected again.

She needed to still feel important and loved and I guess I did too.


No longer working in a ‘day job’ has made me poor as poo but richer in other ways.

You can’t buy life balance.

Admittedly, I can no longer buy my weekly blow dry either but this is a small price I’m paying at the moment to be here more.

To be here now. When it matters.

All in all it has been a great 6 weeks and despite wanting to go change my name from ‘muuuuum’ via deed poll and longing for a solo crap I think I’ve made it through quite unscathed.

Year two here we come!

JD xx




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    *deed poll! I’ve corrected it and it won’t change! Goddamn autocorrect. This is making my spelling nazi teeth itch ??????? xxx

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