To all of the complainers/ whiners/ miserable belly achers on Facebook complaining about the influx of first day at school pictures. You have no idea what lives others are leading. Some of these pictures represent huge milestones for children and parents alike. Some have finally found equilibrium after a separation. Some have had children overcome obstacles with health to be where they are. Standing proud in their uniform. Some are posts by single parents, bursting with pride at the young person they have raised and eager to show the world. Some are just by parents, chuffed to have made the new term unscathed despite a summer holiday pieced together with annual leave, holiday clubs and helping Grandparents. Either is a day or two of smart, smiling children so grin and bear it. It will soon be time to moan about people putting up their Christmas tree too early. Joyless arses.

— Oh No – The Life Enjoyment Prevention Officers Are Here…


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