Let’s Play TMB Facebook Drinking Game!

Ok ladies (and gents obvs….all 5% of you! Blowing kiss Emoji!) let’s make Saturday a little more interesting.

Now you have your mismatched Primarni pjjamas on, bra is off and hair is in a mum-bun, pour yourself a glass of your chosen poison and play along with my Facebook Bullshit Bingo Drinking Game.


The rules are….drink your drink steadily as you scroll through your newsfeed and every time you see one of the following….




Ok….drinks ready? Here goes……

1) “Where did my baby go?”

The obligatory strap line for kid pics!


2) Saturday selfie!

I count at least 4 filters, a chin slim and a duck face.


3) Dead Grandparent tribute.

R.I.P Grannie Edna….you were one of the best.

Edna was touched when she stumbled across this whilst browsing Facebook on the old Sky-Fi.

If you find one of these attention suckers, CHEEKY SHOT!


4) A picture using the hashtag #myworld.

Have an extra cheek shot if they have used the globe emoji!

5) A meme about the clocks going back.

Yes parents, we get it….we don’t qualify! In fact why are you drinking? You should be in bed banking those snooze hours!


6) A status about not going out.

Tough titties! You’re not 19 forever!

7) A photo of a table of drinks.

I always wonder what people think of the one that chirps up “Hang on….let me take a photo of these!”


9) Vague quote meme about someone not deserving the poster’s time, love or attention.

We all know it took them a solid 20 ironic minutes on Google images to find the one that really hits the spot.


10) The one fish that jumps to the above bait. Yes guys….your favourite and mine….WHAT’S UP HUN?!




And repeat until the words on this blog become blurry and Honey G starts to sound like a real contender.

Bottoms up.

JD xx

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