Update: New Year’s Brows – Verdict

Back in November I blogged about my initial microblading procedure with Permanent Makeup By Niaome.

Niaome had approached me asking if i’d be willing to undergo the whole process and write my honest opinion on whether microblading & semi-permanent make up is worthwhile for the busy working mum.

(See my original post HERE)

Beauty bloggers are great but more than likely have a very strong eyebrow game going on already. I did not.


My brows were very very light with no real shape and a tendency to go a little ginger with self tan build up.

After the initial treatment I was struck by how natural the hairstroke effect looked.

They didn’t have that hairy caterpillar effect that you can sometimes see on women, clearly not of the opinion that less is more.



Niaome did warn me that they would appear darker the next day then lighten up as they heal. It it akes time for the body to deal with and accept the implanted pigment and for the skin to fully recover it is only then that the colour booms back to the surface and is settled.

Having this procedure definitely sets you off on an eyebrow journey – they almost evolve over time.


Just before my top up treatment on 19th December, the colour had settled and was still very very natural but was quite light too.

I still used a bit of brow powder to make them ‘pop’ and just used the shape as more of a stencil.


When I went back to Niaome, she agreed that we could go a lot stronger with the colour. It was better initially to err on the side of caution and to strengthen the colour later that to give me a really dark brow that may never fade any lighter.

Niaome retraced some of the strokes and we decided to use shading in between to make them bolder. I also opted for a higher arch on both. I felt a little braver after the first time and trusted Niaome completely.

They looked AMAZING when completed.


It’s funny how your brows can change your face somewhat. I was running late for work after the appointment and literally had to jump out of my car and run there make up free, but I didn’t give a toss as my brows were leading the way.

I went through the same evolution, Christmas Day being my ‘scabby’ day but two days later, the beautiful butterflies appeared!

The shape is fantastic and the colour is far better. The only thing I may have to do is to colour my own eyebrow hair with some semi permanent colour as you can see the blonde in certain lights.


So……Is it worth the money? I’d say so yes. I very rarely buy expensive anything but if I’m havinig my face tattooed, I want quality.

I definitely feel more ‘dressed’ with them done and i’m looking to get my eyeliner done next.

Niaome does get booked up quickly so contact her asap if you wish to get booked in and take advantage of the 10% discount (making it just £225, paid in three installments)  for all of those that read this blog and give me a mention.


JD xx


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