Why Women Totally Deserve A Day Dedicated Just To Them

Men are great – they really are. Just to throw this out there.

They are the ying to our fabulousness and we couldn’t do without them – evolution wise obviously, and in every other way.

Being a woman however is a completely different kettle of emotional fish.

Here are just 5 things that we women deserve a little standing ovation (or big sod off Mexican wave) for.

Right, let’s get this out the way now.

The biggie.

We push humans out of our pancakes or allow our abdomens to be opened up like a tin of tuna to get the little blighters out.

I have tried out both methods and let me be brutally honest.

The latter was a surreal experience with quite a lengthy recovery but the former…….Jesus. Can you imagine your husband being stitched up into his bum hole whilst maintaining a goddess like serenity?

High 5 women.

high 5

The mind altering early days of caring for a newborn (and the next 18 years +) Baby just needs momma bear for a long long time and don’t we know it. You hit levels of exhaustion that make you actually think that you would welcome the sweet release of death.

I think all mums have those moments where they frighten themselves silly by dozing off whilst holding their newborn only to wake suddenly in terror.

The incessant rocking, bouncing, 420 verses of wheels on the bus to get them to sleep but do you know what?

This too will pass. Like a kidney stone maybe…but it will pass.

It is perhaps the hardest period of time you experience as a mum but we get through it because we have to.

High 5 women.

high 5

We have to experience the heartbreak of returning to work after maternity leave.

I know our partners probably hate returning after paternity leave too, let’s not dismiss them. After 9-12 months at home with your little one, leaving them with someone else to go back to work sucks ass.

I remember as clear as day sitting in the nursery car park crying for half an hour that first day.

How can life be so cruel?

You have had this great love come into your life and you have nurtured them so intensely only to remember that you are still a slave to your mortgage. You know what ladies? This too will pass.

By week 3 you will be relishing the solo poos you are now getting paid to do and delighting in their development that they are making in the childcare setting.

High 5 women.

high 5

We have to be competent jugglers.

As well as being the matriarch glue that holds everything together & bringing in a contribution to the household finances we also have to add these jobs to our 56 page CV…….Gift Buyer (for your family and his) Did you not know that Clinton’s Cards administers electric shocks to any man that attempts to enter to buy his sodding own?

True story.

Extra Curricular Hobby Co-ordinator – I love that my child is becoming well rounded and enhanced but my bank account is becoming depleted and i’d give anything to catch Coronation Street. (When the flip did Jenny come back into it?!) High 5 juggling women!

Also a mention to the women without children – those by choice – High 5! Knowing what you want out of life is liberating and starting a family isn’t for everyone and we still get a raw deal as women in the workplace and society. I also high 5 you for your amazing baths and matching underwear.

high 5

Finally, high 5 and a hug to the women that struggle to have the experiences that I take for granted, occasionally gripe about but wouldn’t change for the world.

The women that see pregnancy and babies everywhere they look and still put on a brave face and go out into the world.

The women that have carried children and lost them and still have the strength to get out of bed.

We are extraordinary, we are strong and we are all beautiful. We are all pretty tired too but that’s standard.

High 5 women.

JD xx



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    Alysha Allibone
    Posted at 13:52h, 08 March Reply

    Just caught up on your blogs! Love them!! Keep them coming xx

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 14:22h, 08 March Reply

      Thank you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Denise Inwood Sweeney
    Posted at 21:44h, 04 October Reply

    ✋ Xx

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