A Big Week for Little Things

Back to school! Can I get a yeeeeee haaaaaaa (or a wine? Or even a hot brew…!)

Ok now I feel mean. These holidays have been lovely but ye gods, you need a degree in scheduling to manage life during school holidays.

Of course, me being me (ie, one of life’s procrastinators), had a mild seizure when I realised that there was homework that we had missed and two new reading books in her school bag.  Explaining divisions is exactly what you want to be doing at bedtime the night before right? That’s when you catch them at their most motivated.

The morning after, she was all dressed in her perfectly pressed uniform and promptly escorted to school nice and early so that mummy can get back to being productive/human again.


I’m ramping up the job searching now and I have to say I am horrified at several things.

One…..part-time jobs are like the holy grail.

I guess this is a sign of the times as most mums have to return to the work place and all of them are looking for part time or school hours.

I pulled up my CV to give it a review. I have to be honest, it’s a mixed bag of nuts.

Pre-children it reads nicely. An almost inspirational tale of a girl that worked her way up from a technical assistant to a Subcontract Manager in a few short years. I have to say, I’m rather proud of the gigantic lady balls I used to have, refusing to be swayed by my lack of qualifications, experience and knowledge in general.

I used to just go for it and worry about the details later.

Post children, it’s all a bit odd. High paid job, minimum wage job, technical job, admin, manager, minion.

We women don’t half have to start tailoring our work life to our personal circumstances don’t we?

One time of day my career was my badge of pride and I loved to hold my own amongst the male orientated rail industry, now I’m just looking for manageable hours and a short distance from home.



Anyway in other news…..Esme walked for the first time!!!

I took her to playgroup on Tuesday, making the most of this precious time with her during the day.

She did it whilst stood on her own, desperate to get to the toy kitchen. An interesting technique admittedly, dragging her leg behind her like an injured soldier with a face full of caution.

I couldn’t have been prouder.


Luckily while I was busy having an embarrassing emotional meltdown, her Godmum Megan was all over the milestone, camera at the ready.

She had a mega sleep that afternoon, her little legs probably feeling like they had run a marathon.


Speaking of which, the husband and I had an impromptu midweek PT yesterday.

This taught me several things.

I seem to have an irrational fear of jumping to the sides of the treadmill, my exercise pants are see through when I squat and I can wear my day long sock marks like a boss.

Have a fabulous weekend all,


JD xx

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