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REVIEW: Baba + Boo – Our Cloth Nappy Journey Starts Here!

I’ve always loved the idea of reusable nappies.

Not like the old terry towel style ones with the huge dangerous pin in the front, cloth nappies are now fun, efficient and addictive to collect.

I toyed with the idea for a long time and decided to research. I was horrified to discover that disposable nappies can take 500……yes 500….years to decompose! By making the change to cloth nappies, i would be avoiding sending 4000 of Esme’s crappy nappies to refill.

Environment aside, they are definitely more cost efficient in the long run (unless you develop a full blown addiction like I can see myself doing. As with everything there is an initial outlay but once you have 15-20 nappies, you’re good to go. (At a cost of approximately £175 as opposed to £1000 in disposables).


I decided to start with less, trial them in the house first then buy more when venturing out in them.

I have been following Baba+Boo on Instagram for a while.

Eve, the lady behind the brand, is a lady after my own heart. A buyer in a past life, she saw the gap in the market for AFFORDABLE reusable nappies as all of the available ones on the market were very expensive and this was off-putting to potential converts. Eve started to design her own cloth nappies and other baby items and Baba+Boo (Names after her two children) was born! The fact that she is also a North West Mumpreneur and Blogger like myself just made me fall in love with her a little more.

Eve sent me a nappy to try out.


Baba+Boo nappies are all pocket nappies. The waterproof pocket is then filled with microfibre inserts (You receive two with every nappy bought). You can use one insert or two depending on absorbency requirements and can also purchase booster products such as charcoal inserts for further protection.

As Esme only has a little bot, I decided to give our maiden cloth nappy voyage a go with just the one.


The nappy has lots of poppers for fastening so you can use them from birth to potty, adjusting with your babies growth.

You can use liners also, it’s just preference. On advice from a good friend and a cloth nappy guru, I used a homemade liner made out of thin fleece (purchased on a roll from Ikea) to wick away the wee and protect from any little walnut whips that may occur. You can buy disposable liners also.


Esme looked adorable in her bright nappy – she seemed comfortable and happy and the nappy held in the wetness really well.

There are libraries where can access pre-loved options as well as plenty of advice.

I’m going to completely move to cloth nappies now (except for nursery mornings) as it seems to lead to happy bums, a happy purse and in turn a happy Mum & Dad.


Have a look at Baba+Boo’s website here:

JD xx


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    Katy Smith
    Posted at 16:33h, 12 May Reply

    Thank you for this I’ve been looking at getting some new ones for overnight and these look great!! X

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    This Mum Business
    Posted at 16:35h, 12 May Reply

    Thanks for reading Katy! Dare you to visit her website and not melt your card ?? xx

  • Avatar
    Katy Smith
    Posted at 16:39h, 12 May Reply

    I’ve already looked!! ?? Im going to buy some when I get paid lol x

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    This Mum Business
    Posted at 16:47h, 12 May Reply
  • Avatar
    Rachel Murray
    Posted at 18:01h, 12 May Reply

    ClareRicky Mournian

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