5 Things I Learned This Week…

Well hasn’t this just been the week for epiphanies?! 

1) No matter how trim you think you have become, a few sets of planking will give you that wake up reality check you need to stay humble.

NEVER plank and look directly at your stomach.

It looks like you’re melting.



2) Always have an open mind. Even for the hippy dippy.

A lovely friend pointed me in the direction of ‘Relax Kids’.

Knowing the worries I have for my 6 year old’s anxiety, she thought these sessions of mindfulness and relaxation may help and she was right. The links between the activities and their purpose have been subtle but clever and has given us food for thought. Even some techniques for controlling her anxiety which is just marvellous.



3) Surrounding yourself with the right people can just make you feel….complete.

Since giving my career a ‘make under’ it’s allowed me to reconnect with some wonderful people in my life. As a result my confidence has grown and life is good. Sometimes hindsight is what it takes to realise that you’re being controlled and that your life was no longer your own. I was consumed by people pleasing and apple cart steadying.

In the past week, I’ve been making more sensible food choices too  – eating to revive and nourish myself rather than to do the bare minimum to get by. I feel so much better for it. I’ve signed myself up to a 90 day plan that will help me to become stronger. 3 meals a day & 2 snacks. Proper refuelling for a training & breastfeeding mum.

Regaining that control and choice is (dramatic I know) almost a rebirth.



4) Never underestimate your toddler.

This week has seen two face bumps and a lairy moment of me catching her perched on the corner of my very high bed in an almost Karate Kid style pose when I popped my head in after sneaking downstairs for a cheeky solo breakfast.

That’ll teach me.

Fucking liberties.


5) A handwritten letter from your daughter can make everything right in the world.

After two weeks of boundary pushing and pig headedness stubbornness,mainly consisting of me repeating myself to the point of full-on near miss facial combustion, I got ‘the note’….

‘Mum, you are speshal in so many ways. You undastand me and are amazeing, love Niamh xxx’

Yes it was followed by a plea for new Lego but in that moment, where the pen touched the paper, I was amazing, special and loved.

I said no to the Lego as one of the ways I am ‘speshal’ is in my belt tightening.

Got her a book from ‘amazeing’ Poundland instead.

I’m saving for a tummy tuck.

JD xx

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