Big Bustin’ Boobies, Blood & Bodacious Bravery

I’ll not lie – i’m glad today is over with.

We were due at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital with Esme to undergo bloods and scans.

(If you aren’t familiar with our story, you can read about it by clicking here.)

Our appointment today was to check her growth hormone level to try to detect if there is a deficiency.

She had to fast from midnight last night for them which I was dreading! As you know, Esmé has always been breastfed and despite me trying to introduce bottles many a time, she only likes it from the main tap.

I did wake a little after 1am to her trying to find the righty for a feed and I had to stop her which she didn’t like.

Luckily she slept all the way there after our usual “for f*ck sake Neil we’re gonna be late! This traffic!!!” rant.

The RMCH is a vibrant, colourful hospital and the waiting room had plenty to entertain her.

Esmé had to have a cannula inserted then bloods taken every 15 minutes for an hour followed by every 30 minutes for the next hour.

The cannula was the hardest part. Her little hands and feet are still the size of a newborn’s and I had no idea how they would do it.

The nurses were amazing. One did the deed while the other blew bubbles.

Neil went for coffee and I cried while Esmé stoically had a little whinge then just got on with it, putting me to shame.

She only cried at 11am, eager to feed and just wanting that comfort.

When she finally did at 11.15 she went cross eyed with happiness and cheered up immediately.

How do you explain to a baby why you’re saying no to feeds?

After they were completed, Esmé toddled off for an X Ray after a round of high 5’s for the new nurse friend.

I was happy to hear that she wouldn’t be sedated but apprehensive that she will stay still for them.

The X Rays are to check her for bone dysplasia or an abnormality in bone growth.

She amazed us both. She lay still for each one and allowed the radiographer to manipulate her into the different positions, greeting her after each X Ray with an ‘Ayah!’

What a superstar.

It was certainly a bit of a stressful day but as usual she handled it with courage and good humour.

Now to wait for results to see if she will be diagnosed with GHD and if it supports my theory that she displays certain physical characteristics of Russell Silver Syndrome.

I know one thing. She’s bloody cute. I can diagnose that.

JD xx

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    Mags rodway
    Posted at 21:47h, 13 September Reply

    Love it..liove her 💞💞

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