Developing The Negatives of 2016

So a few months ago I wrote about how I was at a career crossroads.

I knew I didn’t want to work for someone else full time.

I knew that I didn’t want to enter into another venture with someone else unless I was 100% sure that it wouldn’t turn sour.

I knew that I wanted to work with children.

When I asked myself what I loved doing the most I realised that it was documenting my children’s milestones.

Unlike some (probably very wise) Mothers that didn’t allow their children’s images on social media, I posted multiple pictures a day. I couldn’t help it. I loved to capture their natural expressions and pictures that depicted their relationship.


When I was 15 I asked my Dad for a ‘proper camera’ for Christmas.

What I got was a second hand Chinon camera with a permanent fault that left a thick black line on the photos but I loved it.

It was a one way blag pass into the backstage area at school where I could snap pictures of the drummer that I had my eye on for a full 3 years. The agony of unrequited love.

The novelty wore off after school – developing pictures used to cost me a fortune and I never did manage to fix the camera’s fault.

The smart phone sparked the passion again as did motherhood and I have, like most mums, pictures of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. The first smile to the ‘sitting on the potty on the iPad 18th birthday shamers’.

So that’s what I decided to do.

I’m going to take pictures.

I won’t call myself a photographer as ‘friends’ recently took a surprisingly bile filled boil of umbrage at my bare faced cheek of deciding, at 34, to change direction. I didn’t just buy an expensive camera and go…..’Look at me! I’m a profesh ‘tog’!’

I even had this lovely meme dedicated just to me! I feel so special!


I’m not expecting a fast pass to megabucks. I want to learn the craft. I want to learn from others through mentorship & experience.

I could go to college for 3 years and capture feeding blue tits on foliage & sunsets at dawn but you know what? I’m too old to be skirting around what I want to do.

I’ve had a Facebook page for a while but I’ve been too embarrassed to publish it until tonight.

I asked the opinion of fellow bloggers that are also photographers whether or not to just do it.

Several said that they didn’t get a degree or any formal qualification and that professional merely means providing a service & being paid for it.


Yes, I’m a novice that is having a go.

Yes, my prices reflect this.

No, I don’t just rely on an expensive camera. I’ve turned Esme’s nursery into a home studio using the tools I have to hand. I’m paying by the hour for training & mentoring.

Yes, I deleted said friend (after crying feeling terrible all day and ashamed at trying my hand at something I’m not ‘qualified’ at)

Yes, we’re a long time dead so why not try?

Yes, I’d LOVE for you to give my Facebook page a like HERE

I’m loving learning & I think that I have a real eye for getting the characters of the littlies that come into the studio to shine through.

Big hairy bollocks to the naysayers. (Middle finger emoji) This is me………..


J.D xx

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  • Avatar
    Louise Wood-Sanna
    Posted at 21:49h, 21 October Reply

    Good on you jodie! Do you work weekends I want to book my two in for the Christmas theme xx

  • Avatar
    Jayne Donoghue
    Posted at 22:00h, 21 October Reply

    Good for you Jode, sounds like said “friend” likes to zap the positivity out of others in order to give themselves a little ego boost. Nasty piece of work. Your photos are amazing, and the fact that you’ve had a little career change doesn’t matter in the slightest xxxx

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 22:02h, 21 October Reply

      Thanks JD! Sadly I’m still a shit judge of character too ha ha! Love you Layoff xx

    • Avatar
      Jayne Donoghue
      Posted at 22:03h, 21 October Reply

      I’m fuming Lodge!! You are too nice, that’s your problemo xx

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 22:06h, 21 October Reply

      True that. Thick skin uploading as we speak xxxxxx

    • Avatar
      Jayne Donoghue
      Posted at 22:06h, 21 October Reply

      Pm’ed you shit head xxx

  • Avatar
    Stephen Blundell
    Posted at 22:01h, 21 October Reply

    Lots of professions are filled with people who haven’t got a degree yet are very successful…especially anything arty. You already are professional so screw them 😉 x

  • Avatar
    Becca Louise Jones
    Posted at 22:35h, 21 October Reply

    Whoever that ‘friend’ was, I think it’s safe to say you’re far better off without them! I think you’re really brave for going for what you want and taking a complete new direction. Most people (myself included) usually just talk/daydream but never do it. Bollocks to what other people think xx

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 22:41h, 21 October Reply

      Thanks Becca! Get bloody doing! What’s the worst that can happen? (I so need that tattooing somewhere….) xx

  • Avatar
    Joan Danner
    Posted at 22:40h, 21 October Reply

    Good luck with your new venture. Happy photography xxx

  • Avatar
    Joanne Eccles
    Posted at 23:29h, 21 October Reply

    Well done you !!!!!! Xxxx 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 23:29h, 21 October Reply


    • Avatar
      Joanne Eccles
      Posted at 23:31h, 21 October Reply

      You will look back in a year and think wow look how I’ve grown ….. lots of love xx in Bolton next week I may bring some backdrops with me you could use xx

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 23:32h, 21 October Reply

      Joanne Eccles that’d be amazing. We can grab coffee xx

    • Avatar
      Joanne Eccles
      Posted at 23:32h, 21 October Reply

      This Mum Business ok lovely xxx

  • Avatar
    Vicky Oxley
    Posted at 08:10h, 22 October Reply

    Well Done Jodie, so glad you’ve published your page! It’s never too later to follow your dreams and what’s better than having a job you love? X

  • Avatar
    Caroline Welsby
    Posted at 09:56h, 22 October Reply

    Go for it Jodie. Screw the bitch faces!! Happiness reaps rewards and if it makes you happy snapping then happy snapping. 🎥 xx

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:11h, 24 October Reply

    You’ve used big hairy bollocks! That’s my ultimate saying! HA. And I’m saying a BIG FAT HAIRY BOLLOCKS to anyone who poo poos your dream. Just do you, FUCK everyone else.

    • Jodie Danner
      Jodie Danner
      Posted at 12:32h, 24 October Reply

      Ha ha! Sometimes only big hairy bollocks will do! Thanks for reading xx

  • Avatar
    Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum
    Posted at 19:01h, 24 October Reply

    How exciting!! Congratulations on taking the leap, your photos are gorgeous! Good luck lovely, you deserve success. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  • Avatar
    Posted at 21:41h, 24 October Reply

    Well done! It’s extremely brave of you to start over and I wish you all the best!


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