REVIEW: Eyebrow Microblading – Permanent Make-up By Niaome

I am not a beauty blogger – you only have to look at me to realise this.

I do, however, appreciate the importance of a strong brow.

I first approached Niaome Grady about the procedure a couple of years ago but realised that I can’t have it done when pregnant – obviously.

As I am not a natural red head (I know – I hide it well right?) , my eyebrows are the same shade as my hair – a light brown that looks invisible on some pictures.

Over the years I’ve spent hundreds on tinting and threading to get a better, stronger shape & colour.

I had approached Niaome as her approach to her work was admirable.

There are many people now offering these services but I needed to know that they took tattooing my face as serious as I did.

Niaome had explained:

“When I first did ‘additional’ training in microblading no-one knew what it was or asked for it specifically. Now it is the ‘new thing’ to have done and everyone is requesting it by name.
It’s sudden popularity has seen a rush of people embarking on 2 day microblading courses 🙄 and while some are OK others are not but they are still issuing certificates to poorly trained hopefuls.
I am trained in the fundamentals of ‘full permanent makeup’ which consists of more than 100 hours basic training and I have added to this each year and always will. I stress this because of all the horror stories, some of which I read on here and the others who walk into my room asking for help, sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. It depends on the mess and the damage.
I want you to know that I am not a fly by night microblader- fresh off a 2 day course and keen to ‘practice’ on your face!
I do this day in day out and that is why I’m good at it.
Would you let someone cut your hair after 14 hours training? I seriously doubt it…… don’t let someone practice with a microblade on your face!

Cheap work isn’t good and good work isn’t cheap so

In case anyone else is thinking of asking me ‘will I price match?’ Or if I will lower my price to undercut another artist to get their custom? The answer will always be no!

Last month, Niaome contacted me to ask if I would have the procedure & write about the experience.

I jumped at the chance, my eyebrows were like John McCririck’s and in desperate need of some TLC.


By the way, I can only apologise for the amount of awful make-up free, roots out pictures I’m about to inflict.

Niaome started by drawing on my new brow shape. She took a good while doing this and is clearly a perfectionist, being conservative initially and touching them up once they take shape, applying numbing cream and explaining the procedure.

The microblade looked at first glance, like a scalpel.

I crapped my pants.

It was upon closer inspection that I realised that it was actually 14 tiny needles. It was explained to me that the pigment will sit just under the skin, so not as deep as a conventional tattoo.

The needles are swept over the brow.

I can honestly say that this was completely pain free.

I was aware of the needles moving over my eyebrow but it just felt like they were being given a dry shave. I would even go so far as to say that I found the whole experience really relaxing.


Niaome was friendly & her confidence in her abilities put me completely at ease. I thought about having a nap but wasn’t sure how polite that would be.

Two hours later and I was able to see my new brows – I loved them.


The colour was perfectly suited to me (luckily my request for blue black were ignored) and they had a slight arch to them that really enhanced my face.

Niaome was really thorough with her aftercare advice and gave me cream and oil to apply.

My retouch is in 6 weeks.

I really have been delighted by the results. They were a little tender that night and they are slightly itchy now on day 4 but I wish I’d have had them done ages ago.

They are the busy Mum’s make up dream!


That extra eyebrow powdering time can be spent drinking coffee in the morning instead.

Niaome would like to offer any of my readers interested in the procedure, a 10% discount!

You can get perfect brows for just £225. This can be spread over 3 installments (Or pay days)

£50 upon booking.

£125 when you have your first procedure.

£50 when you attend your retouch.

Mention my blog to get your discount!!!

You can find Niaome on Facebook HERE and her website is

JD xx


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