Things To Be Thankful For……

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers over the pond!

(Yes, I do have a couple!)

Although this isn’t a UK holiday, I think it would be good for everyone to sit and reflect on everything that we have in our lives. It’s far too easy to get bogged down in the drudgery.

I’ve been guilty of this recently so I’m drawing a line and looking to the future. So…..

I’m thankful for my children. Firstly and most importantly.


I’m not a perfect Mum. I’ve lost my cool. I’ve said things in the heat of the moment that i’ve regretted to Niamh.

I’ve fed them freezer food when i’ve become exasperated with wasted meals.

I’ve sighed when my name has been called for the hundredth time (or even the third after a tiring day).

I’ve enjoyed the rare quiet when both are elsewhere.

It’s in these quiet moments that I can honestly say with the most sincerity i’ve ever felt about anything – I LOVE them. I love Niamh and her own brand of eccentricity. I LOVE how she will use sayings like ‘no pun intended’ in the correct context – THAT’S MY GIRL!

I love her crazy hair that I look at every morning in defeat with the hairspray in one hand and the GHD’s in the other.


I love her dancing that she does just to make me laugh – all bandy legs and snake hips.

I’m so grateful for her.

I’m thankful for her sister.

I’m thankful for her development that is spot on despite her size.

I’m thankful for her uncontrollable flyaway mullet that is very Bowie in Labyrinth – it provides me with a source of amusement each and every day.


I love her cheeky sense of humour.

I’m thankful that she still breastfeeds. During a recent illness, it was the only nourishment that she was getting. I’m thankful that my feeding journey has been a positive one. It has also allowed me to get fully embroiled in commenting wars on the Daily Fail and to look down my nose at lesser Mothers (Ironic jokes obvs).

I’m thankful for my Husband.

We hate each other at times. We have days where we may not speak to each other all that much – both absorbed in our own routines, chores and habits but i’m thankful for his presence. In both my life and the girls.

I’m thankful for his continued I.T support too……..and his salary. Jokes again. He’s my best friend. My lobster.


I’m thankful for being able to follow my heart with my work. For no longer having a sinking heart feeling the night before and clock watching just desperate for my working day to end.

I’m thankful for the wonderful people that have come into my life.


I’m thankful for the toxic ones that have left and taught me valuable life lessons.

I’m thankful for my Mum & Mum-In-Law. They are the ultimate example in how to be a great parent. They are my mentors and guiding light.


I’m thankful that my Brother and family have moved back up North. I’m thankful that he looked like an utter tard on TV as it has given me photo-editing material a-plenty.


They’re the big ones.

I’m also thankful for chicken sausages & great coffee. Fuel for the soul.

Finally, I’m thankful that no matter how many awesome celebrities bit the dust in 2016, Take That have remained unharmed.

JD xx

Diary of an imperfect mum



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    Emma White
    Posted at 11:25h, 24 November Reply

    I am thankful for you 🙂 your understanding of ‘real life’, your wit and sense of humour, your strength and your passion. You my darling are a fabulous human being xxxxxx

  • Avatar
    Janey Jane
    Posted at 11:29h, 24 November Reply

    That zach is progressing albeit slowly! Xx

  • Avatar
    Posted at 14:01h, 25 November Reply

    Such an amazing amount of great stuff to be totally thankful for and I found my head nodding along to a lot of it too. You sound like an amazing mummy to me and I bet your hubby and kids are thankful for you too. Thanks for linking to abloggingoodtime

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