Burns, a Dramatic Turn & Time to Learn

They say intelligent people have no common sense. 

I’m happy to be this poster girl.

After finding veruccas on both feet I thought no no no! This will not do! I have a 10k to train for and this is slowing me down.

What I will do is heavily coat both soles in Bazuka – to treat the ones there and to serve as a warning to any more of the pesky little gobshites waiting to make an appearance.

Two days later and I’m sat on the stairs holding my feet and wailing at Niamh to go and fetch Neil.

An emergency appointment to the chiropodist later and my feet are bandaged up. He told me I had managed to administer myself some nasty chemical burns and that I was a knob head (I added that bit).

All is not lost – I’ve been keeping up my training, albeit with a weird awkward run that is making my left calf muscle massive.

My reasoning is, if I can run 4k like this, the 10k will be a breeze. Right?

In other news, Niamh has an exciting audition on Sunday for TV. I’m not allowed to say too much but this is a HUGE opportunity.


I’ve already prepped her that this is her first real audition so it’s unlikely she will get it but to just be herself and open and lovely and what will be will be.

I refuse to go stage school Mum on her and add to her anxieties – I want her to enjoy it.

She doesn’t have a prepared piece – they just want to see how she is on camera.

This could go two ways: She could be totally charming, talking lovingly about her sister and Olaf and about how her family are everything to her OR……

The occasion could get to her, she may start manically spinning and telling them all about the time I sent her to school with no knickers on and how I do terrible trumps if I have meatballs.

Either way – I’m sure they’ll love her.

Fingers crossed. She was meant for better in life, be it now or when she’s older.

Talking of life and careers, I’ve gone back to school! Quite literally!

I have started my qualification for becoming a Level 3 Teaching assistant.

The studying fits in nicely with everything else and looking long term, it will fit around the children too.

I’m loving being back in the class room and indulging in awesome stationery again. I’ve been offered a placement at Niamh’s school which is brilliant.

Can’t do a blog without mentioning my little Esbo.

She looks to us like she has grown a little, her vocabulary is rather extensive and her sass is immense.

She’s in perfect health and loving life.


Everything is slotting into place.

This isn’t meant as a smug post. A family I know received some devastating news this weekend and my heart aches for them.

As a result, this family is grabbing life by the short and curlies and seizing these opportunities as you never know what’s around the corner.

JD xxx


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