Good Morning Mrs Danner!

I went back to school! 

Quite literally in fact!

I got the biggest chuffy on going shopping for my pencil case and notepad feeling like a tugboat that had been sloshing around aimlessly in a storm for 18 months only to see a light in the distance and to know where i should be heading.


After starting studying for my Level 3 in Teaching & Assisting in Schools, I heard back from the Head at Niamh’s school that I was fine to do my placement hours there.

I had already started the course. I had sucked up the social anxiety of going into a group of strangers and doing the one thing I hated above all else when at college and uni……group work.

Group work helps others to decide what kind of person you are……did you contribute? If not – lazy, unfocussed, boring.

If you did? Too much? Pushy, opinionated. Argh. I got through it though and blamed the sweat on the actual stuffiness of the course room.

Luckily, we skipped the ‘tell us a little bit about yourself’ because I wouldn’t know where to begin.

How to explain the last two years to show why I am where I am now.

For the fist time in a long time I just wanted a fresh start.

I didn’t want to go into detail about Esme, what happened with Lavish, why I now work in a Cafe but am also a photographer. It makes my head ache and I’m sure I’d seem a little ‘lost’ which I guess I am. Or I was – until now.

So fast forward to Thursday morning.

I was so nervous. More nervous than I’d been about anything for a long time.

I didn’t want my presence in school to affect Niamh.

I didn’t want to feel like a spare part in the classroom.

I didn’t want to spend the morning there then hate it, thinking why on earth did I sign up for this?

I didn’t want to feel sad that I hadn’t pushed myself to return to University to become an actual teacher either.

I needn’t have worried.

I absolutely LOVED it.

The teacher & her HLTA couldn’t have been more welcoming and accomodating – allowing me to get fully involved in the class activities, from phonics to maths and a session on internet safety too (Which was very informative!)

At break time I had the chance to chat with the Higher Level Teaching Assistant more and she seems to have been in my situation.

Young children of her own. Wanting to experience the class room & teaching but unwilling to take that last step into teaching.

After hearing from other friends of mine that have been and still are teachers, it’s sad to hear they just aren’t given the opportunity to be the teachers that they want to be due to many factors including class size and targets. Pressures which mean that this is not the job to work around a young family as one would first think. It’s incredibly sad as the ones that I know I can imagine were incredible, just crushed by how their lives were swallowed up by the profession.

As a HLTA though, she is still able to teach the class and plan and operate within her own role which inspired me for where I want to go.

It’s a nice feeling.

Niamh came running over to me at break time but insisted on calling me Mrs Danner with a little wink each time.

The mum in me meant that I spent a good ten minutes walking round zipping everyone’s coats up.

I’m fired up for it now – so much so that instead of leaving my assignments till the night before I might…Oh who am I trying to kid?

J D xxx


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  • Avatar
    Emily Atkins
    Posted at 09:32h, 12 February Reply

    Fab. So pleased for you Jodie xxx

  • Avatar
    Chris Mouskoundi
    Posted at 09:39h, 12 February Reply

    Amazing lovely lady. Hope u enjoy it there everyday xx

  • Avatar
    Michelle Banks
    Posted at 09:41h, 12 February Reply

    Again this was a fantastic read and you brought back all the thoughts and memories of the beginning of my journey 8 years ago of changing my career and becoming a TA I love my job no two days are the same some great some not so but I often sit and laugh about my day and know it’s all worth it enjoy your new journey it’s worth it 💕

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 09:45h, 12 February Reply

      That’s brilliant Michelle and really encouraging to hear! I’m sure all my days won’t be quite as fabulous but I got a real sense of being in the right place if that makes sense? Are you not at DV any more? Xx

    • Avatar
      Michelle Banks
      Posted at 09:46h, 12 February Reply

      Oh yes still there x

    • Avatar
      This Mum Business
      Posted at 10:03h, 12 February Reply

      I loved DV. Does it fit in with your life Michelle? Do you find it pressurised? Xx

    • Avatar
      Michelle Banks
      Posted at 18:36h, 12 February Reply

      I only work term time which is fab and I work 830 till 4 sometimes it is a bit pressurised but as long as I try and plan everything which takes a while to do I’m ok x

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