Hello From The Hairdresser’s Chair

Well inkeeping with my new Self care prioritisation, I’m getting my colour done.

As much as I love accidentally staining my house in new random places and running out of dye right near the end I thought that I deserve a treat after a bit of a crappy month.

It has given me pause for bought whereas usually we mum so barely get time to pause for anything.

Cringing slightly at bringing my own tea bag so I can have a brew in case they think I’m from the mob of pretentious soya drinkers from around here that you know full well go home and have a Nescafé with blue top.

I’m in a reflective mood and I think it’s because I’ve been listening to lots of Self Care podcasts whilst training.

My hippy level has gone from a 1 to a 9 this past week.

I’m all self affirmations and sun salutations.

I’m feeling very panic stricken at the moment and I couldn’t find the rationale for it at first.

I know I’m afraid to become ill again.

I’m afraid in case it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought and that I’m actually walking round with a ticking time bomb in my chest.

I’m afraid in case the medication I’m on is going to bring on onset early Alzheimer’s and that I’ll get an addiction to codeine. Of course.

I’m afraid that they will find something sinister when they have a look later next month.

Overthinking the whole thing as per….

Im afraid to relax in here because I’m also holding in a very large trump after smashing in a full bag of medicinal liquorice bears yesterday.

Those things are volatile.

I also know that the chances are it’ll be a very straightforward procedure and solution but toying with the idea of going dairy free long term as it seems to be helping.

This is with the stomach problem not the wind one by the way,  I digressed.

What a boring old cow I’ve become!

There was one time a day when the thought of going alcohol free was a fate worse than death yet here I am, all clear headed and sensible.

It’s a shame that I probably will never again get to inflict my drunken soapbox rants on others, send messages I won’t remember or eat food I’ll regret.

I’ll miss the heady confidence it gave me and it’s role as an instant wavelength adaptor when I’m in a social situation.

My dancing will be far too thought through, my slut drops a little contrived and wooden.

I’ll be the eternal designated driver and holder back of hair while others indulge.

I’ll be the voice of reason amidst the slurring sparring.

I am fun Bobby from Friends.

I’ve never understood those that can love a night out on a tap water.

All in the name of good old Self Care though!

I had the chance this week to join forces with another business lady and to return to the jewellery market and I came so so close.

I eventually decided that I’d be doing so for the wrong reasons and that looking back never ended well for anyone.

I love start ups though and find the more hard to not get involved.

I still love to promote but I need to invest what little time there is back into my own.

Urgh, this new sensible me sucks!

I even did my homework with four days to spare this week.

Maybe the stimulant-free life has its benefits.

This has been a rather lovely two hours.

I had a brew made (caffeine free berry tea obvs) and caught up with some correspondence uninterrupted.

I could get used to this…..

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    Annette Mercer
    Posted at 06:57h, 30 March Reply

    ‘It’s a shame that I probably will never again get to inflict my drunken soapbox rants on others, send messages I won’t remember or eat food I’ll regret.’

    This made me laugh that I got to see all of this in about 2 hours then we both went to our respective homes and slept the rest of the afternoon away 😂

  • Avatar
    Jodie Danner
    Posted at 07:00h, 30 March Reply

    We literally did! 😂 That was the drinker me all over. Go hard then go home then feel gut wrenching depression over my behaviour for a full on week 😭😭 It’s just as well alcohol and I have parted ways! X

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