Wake ups, shake ups & the problems with a jigsaw week….

I haven’t written a blog in what seems like ages.

There is a very good reason for this, at least I think there is.

Has anyone else got caught in that cycle of a jigsaw week?

What do I mean by a jigsaw week?

Well, since having my youngest I have repeated to myself over and over ‘I will NOT go back to a full time job while she is little’.

The thought of being sat at a desk performing mind numbing tasks while she flourishes in front of someone else’s eyes at nursery was all too much to bear.

What I have done in response to this is what so many of us mums do.

I’ve pieced together 3 or 4 part time ventures in such a way that not only do I see very little of her in the week, my weekends are crammed too.

‘NO FULL TIME JOB FOR ME!’ I’ve smugly thought as i’ve taken a part time job in the middle of the day, 4 times a week.

‘HA! YOU FOOLS! I WON’T GO BACK FULL TIME’ as i’ve enrolled on a Teaching Assistant Diploma meaning that I study half a day Wednesday as well as do a a placement on a Monday and Thursday morning (after which I rush to start my shift at job 1).

Throw in approximately 3 assignments each week also for good measure.

‘FULL TIME IS FOR MUPPETS!’ I’ve told myself as I have then wedged in photo shoots around the above, overwhelmed by the organic success of Pickles & Tink and not wanting to turn down anyone.

Lastly, I’ve been in the last few weeks of a ten week gym challenge – prepping and training religiously.

As a result of a month of this (and admittedly overdoing a bit of the old Ibuprofen to combat my foot rot) I ended up with an ulcer and I can honestly say, hand on heart – I’ve never known pain like it.

It floored me. I was heartbroken as firstly, this is me remember, I assumed the worst and thought I was dying and secondly, I realised how much my family need me fit and well.

Something will have to give because as I’m finally feeling a little better, I’ve realised that you can’t put a price on your well being and you just cannot be all things to all people.

I spent a day with the baby yesterday which I haven’t done in so long and the sun was shining on our faces and I just delighted in her company.

Changes will have to be made.

A jigsaw can only have so many pieces before the picture no longer starts to make sense.

JD xx



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    Posted at 19:05h, 08 March Reply

    And you only have to lose one piece and its forever incomplete and. Annoy be replaced xx

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