There she was.
Slightly apologetic but still bold as brass.
She had left me almost 3 years ago and taken with her my femininity, 100% of my libido and the inconvenience of the panicked toilet dash.
"Do you think that maybe you could tell Niamh to use a different word instead of 'anxious'? She has been saying quite a bit to her friends that she feels anxious and in turn I think it may be making them wonder if they too are anxious? It's a big emotion for 7 year olds..."
I've said it before and i'll say it again - I hate writing blogs that are neither entertaining nor humorous.I prefer to be that little light-hearted beacon in the stormy serious sea of motherhood that pokes fun at parenting and marriage.
My little little girl turns two on Sunday!My reason for starting to write (yes, blame her!), my reason along with her sister, for getting up every day and having chosen the path that I did.
I've just been having a little FB chat with a friend about how posting things makes you accountable.You write them, then they're out there and you have to act on them.It's not the most positive blog I will ever write but you can click on the post or scroll by, looking for more upbeat offerings.....